I've worked as a military aircraft technician, a chemist, a high school teacher, ad technology consultant and now am working as a Sales Engineer for MapsPeople.  For fun I love playing Magic the Gathering, jazz guitar and learning new things.

What’s cool?

  • Making technical mumbo jumbo accessible for all
  • Laughing it up in the Copenhagen office
  • Self-sufficiency and lack of micromanagement

What’s not cool?

  • Those tiny little European coffees! Give me my American muddy water


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  • Angee Clover Austin
  • Christian Müggler
  • Daniel Nielsen
  • Emil Siegenfeldt Nielsen
  • Fie Hovalt Christoffersen
  • Frederik Østerby Hansen
  • Gary Wood
  • Jane Haugaard Poulsen
  • Jannik Brouwers
  • Janni Rasmussen

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