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Half a cup of excitement, half a cup of happiness, ¼ cup of nervousness, ¼ cup of anxiety, and a pinch of panic. 

Starting a new job makes you feel like a smoothie of feelings. Add to that the cornucopia of information and unfounded fears (what if they don’t like me?) that make you feel overwhelmed and tired to the point of collapse. At MapsPeople, we want to facilitate the start and make it as smooth as possible.

Since 2017, MapsPeople has close to doubled the number of employees year-over-year, and we’re still adding new members to our team almost every month. One of the things we’re putting a lot of effort into when welcoming new colleagues is the onboarding process.

At MapsPeople we see our onboarding process as a map (yes, we love maps - it’s a work-injury) designed to guide you from point A to point B, figuratively speaking. While our onboarding is in outline the same for everyone, we always adapt the process to match your needs.

The onboarding starts even before your first workday. It may seem strange that we send you an email with our history and information about our culture when you’re about to experience it all first hand. After all, it’s better to experience it instead of just reading about it. However, we have an inclusive culture, and we believe that connecting with you before your first day gives you a better start.

Working together and helping each other out is an important part of who we are. This means that you’re not on your own when starting your new job. You’ll be assigned a mentor, who’ll be your guide on your onboarding journey, and who can tell and teach you everything about MapsPeople and our daily work life. 

Starting in a new position at MapsPeople doesn't necessarily need to include nervousness and anxiety. Instead, you can be sure you'll be guided through your start.

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