Languages and Cultures at MapsPeople

At MapsPeople, diversity is one of our strengths. We have an open-minded approach towards diversity, allowing our employees to be themselves. When we talk about diversity, we refer to educational and professional experience, age, gender, nationality, and cultural background. Below we look into diverse language skills and cultural diversity at MapsPeople.

Diverse languages

Walking around our headquarters is like walking around in a diverse big city. The quiet buzzing of people from all parts of the world talking different languages. Together we represent 16 nationalities and speak 16 different languages. 

English is our common language when we work across team and borders, but you'll often hear people speaking French, Spanish, German, Danish, or Swedish when communicating with each other.

The broadened language skills help us to better build and maintain relationships with customers and partners, which is, of course, important for any business. Getting things explained in a native language, facilitate the cooperation and understanding of technical matters. 

Also, helping a colleague with additional language skills can sometimes be beneficial. Would you have thought that wishing a nice weekend in Finnish would help to close a deal? Perhaps it was not the deal breaker, but at least we took a step to strengthen the relationship.

Diverse cultural knowledge

We have experienced that working with people with diverse cultural backgrounds strengthens our intercultural skills. Being aware of cultural differences helps us to do business in diverse countries.

Our broader cultural knowledge comes along when talking with colleagues. It’s much more efficient to learn from cultures from a colleague than from books as you learn the daily norms from a native. For example, you get the insights to Italian way of doing business from your Italian colleague rather than when visiting the country for a holiday. Plus, you usually get the best tips from a native into the bargain (read: where to find the best gelato).

It’s safe to say that the work at MapsPeople includes constant learning opportunities as we interact a lot with diverse cultures. We find the diverse language skills and cultural knowledge necessary for succeeding in business. It’s only natural that our employees represent the users we serve.

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